197 Chess Openings for White & Black

Learn the top 197 chess openings fast for free! Find detailed descriptions, valuable videos, and links to the top opening books. 

Picking the correct opening is a critically important decision every chess player must make. Different openings will lead to different positions, each with its own patterns and plans. While sometimes you may tailor your opening to your opponent, you must always ensure your opening choice fits your playing style. If you do, you will win more games and have more fun! For example, some players enjoy the sharp, double-edged positions of the King's Gambit while others prefer the slower, more positional routes of the Caro-Kann.

Whatever may be the case, we've got you covered! Use the categories below to help you find your next opening. Contact us if you'd like to see an opening or category added - we always appreciate feedback.

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See any of the Gambits or Romantic Openings for more suggestions.

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